Town of Rhodhiss



Trash pick-up for Caldwell County residents is on Tuesday and for Burke County residents on Wednesday.  All household garbage is to be in your Town of Rhodhiss trash can and must be at curb side.  Do not use barrels or boxes for trash cans.  Any loose garbage WILL NOT be picked up by town workers.  Boxes should be broken down for pick-up.  NO building materials, tires, glass, TV’s, computers/printers or furniture will be picked up by the Town.  If there is any change in your trash pick-up day because of holidays, notice will be placed at the Post Office, Town Hall and Town Website.

There is a dumpster placed at Public Works, on the Caldwell County side for the convenience of our citizens.  You CANNOT put tires, building supplies, computers, paint, motors, batteries, car parts, hazardous chemicals, oil, yard waste, or tube tv’s.  No trash from your trash can is to be placed in this dumpster.  You CAN put furniture, flat screen tv’s, and general household trash that will not fit in your can such as toys, bicycles, etc.